Where To Post Your Body Rubs In Dallas, TX

Are you tired of trying to find quality places that actually work to post your body rub ads, in Dallas, Texas? I myself, have had over 12 years of experience in the body rub industry and am considered an expert in my field. I have compiled 4 of the top sites that will produce top revenue for you, when you post on them. But, first of all I would like to remind you that not all money is good money. NEVER compromise who you are, or what your morals are. Never do anything that’s illegal, or immoral for money. It’s not worth it, you will get caught.

If you’re tired of trying to post and re-post you can always buy your leads. Recently I found this company where they will sell you REAL leads that have asked to be contacted by providers such as yourself about body rubs in Dallas. They are called MyClientList.webs.com. I know for a fact that this company will not for a minute rip you off. I have personally used them for the last 6 months and they are a tried and true company. You know I always recommend the best companies! You can buy anywhere from 10 – 20 leads for as little as .60 cents a piece! It’s affordable and more importantly, well worth your time and effort, as every one of these leads has been through a screening process, so you know you’re dealing with great clients. Plus, once you buy a list, they will not re-sell that same list to someone else. This list is yours, to do with as you like.

One of the best websites I highly recommend to you is Body Rub USA. The listing price is $25 per ad per week. But again, it is well worth your time and effort to use this site as you WILL make back more than you spend, guaranteed. One of the cool things that you can do is to put your YouTube video right inside your ad, so they can watch the video AND read your ad at the same time.

Another website that works well for me is BodyRubs.biz. You can post your body rub and massage services here for free. It’s a whole new elephant when it comes to this site. Who could have guessed that selling your rubs as an auction style could be such a hit! You get to start the auction at whatever price YOU choose, and people will bid to buy your rubdowns. It’s awesome for both sides, because each post has a seller rating AND a buyer rating.

Craigslist is another great option. In most cities and states you can post your ads for free. Especially if you post in the beauty or creative section. I’ve gotten up to 10 calls a day from here. Obviously the amount of calls depends on YOU.

Another site I recently came across that gets pretty good results is Claz.org. It is easy to use, and the ads are simple and easy to read. So with these 4 sites, you should be able to get awesome results! Happy ad posting!


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