Where To Post Your Body Rub Ads In Boston, Massechusets

How many of you have a hard time finding places to post your body rub ads and getting them to stay up is really difficult? I know just how you feel. Frustrated and just tired of spending money on ads that just simply won’t stay up, no matter how hard you try. I’m going to share with you some of the best sites where your ad will be sure to stay up, plus bring in the calls you need.

My favorite website of all is Body Rub USA. They have the traffic you need to boost your sales. It’s free to post a regular ad on here, but I always get the top ad position which is $25 per week. I highly reccommend this because it is where you’l get the most hits and also the most calls because your ad will be in one of the very first 5 positions in your city and state. I get anywhere from 10- 20 calls per day from here. The clientele quality is very professional. Plus, when you sign up for their affiliate program you get paid for every hit you bring to the site. They also have a program called “ACTIVE”. Every day you sign in by texting the word active to their phone number once you sign up and they will post all your ads and set all your appointments for you that day. All you need to do once you text your word active in, just sit and relax, have a glass of coffee or wine, while waiting for your appointments to arrive.

I’ve also been using some of the smaller sites like Oodle, OLX, claz.org etc. I’ve been getting some pretty good results. Any result is good to me off of these free sites though. Even one or 2 clients per day off of these smaller sites is great.

Craigslist has also worked very well for me in the past, especially if you post in the beauty services or creative services sections. The quality of the clientele is decent. I get anywhere form 5 – 10 calls per day from here.

I hope you have found this article helpful to your future business!


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