The Best Three Places To Advertise Your Massage And Body Rub Ads

Many of us have had some bad experiences with sites that just simply take your money without giving you the time you’ve asked for to advertise your ad. Maybe, they haven’t even posted it at all and just took the money. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. I have personally discovered several sites that have both increased my business more, AND given me the time they say they do without taking my money for nothing. They are very responsive and resourceful when you ask for their help or if you have any problems. I am an experienced body rub specialist of 12 years and can personally recommend these sites to you!

In the rest of the article following this, I will be providing to you a list of these well-researched, nationwide sites. I will also be explaining why they are absolutely going to be your best choice for posting your massage and body rub ads. These sites will also be sites that you will receive your desired genre of clients at. For example, your distinguished, business man, gentleman type of clientele. Which is, what most of us are looking for.

BodyRub.INFO is a great choice for you to be posting your ads on, with thousands of active clients on at any given time. You will WIN with this site. It is free to post your ads on here, however, they do require a 30% closing fee for all deals closed through their site.For example, if you deliver an order for $100, that means the closing fee will be $30. So my advice to you, is to price your services accordingly. One of the benefits to using this site is, no more cash! Everything is paid via credit card or PayPal. This way, you are not in suspense about whether or not the customer is going to show up or not. Or whether they’re just going to come and leave. When they pay via CC, they are serious about getting an appointment with you. You’ll get paid BEFORE the appointment. Once you’re paid, it’s easy. Just do the body rub or massage. For your first 40 deals, you must abide by the set price. It’s automatically programmed for you at $100. But the trick is, you can say, order this gig twice and get a 2 hour session. Or, I’ll give you two body rubs this month for $100. No nudity, or lingerie is allowed on this site. They will block your pics. But overall, by far, the most money you will make online in body rubs or massages is on this site! They also allow customer reviews, but it’s only from PAID customers. They don’t allow anonymous, or fake reviews. But what I like most, is that you can also review the customer after he reviews you. So you can decide, before the order, whether you want to take him or not, based on the reviews. This site is considered an equal playing field for all parties. is free to post on. Also doesn’t allow any adult pictures so don’t try to post any there. I have a site that allows adult pictures right after this one. This is a great site, especially if you’re a massage therapist looking to expand your business. If you have a website, I recommend getting the top ad or homepage gallery ad, because it will drive more traffic to your website. is a site that allows adult pictures. It is also a site where you can post your ads for free. I have gotten a lot of business from here, and I know you’ll be happy with how much business you get here.


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