Where To Post Your Body Rub and Massage Services In Burlington, VT


Many of you are tired of the same old sites. over and over. You’re looking for something new and refreshing. Something that’s inviting to your clients and going to keep them coming back to you. Ultimately that is, as body rub specialists, our goal. We prefer to deal with the long-term, professional clientele. You’re simply tired of the sites that ask you to pay and then never put your ad up. Maybe they take your card that you used and just took money off of it anyhow.

BodyRub.INFO will resolve your problems that you’ve been dealing with! Forget about cash orders. All your clients pay with credit card BEFORE the appointment. Thus, eliminating the no-shows and guys who just show up and give you an excuse that sounds ridiculous. ( Just a hint – Personally, I charge people who show up and leave a fee of $20 ) Plus, since they’re paying with credit card, they are going to show up!I’ve never had a CC order that didn’t show. And the number of your repeat clients will go up dramatically. Remember, their money is important to them!

Another thing that’s awesome about this site is it’s state of the art feedback system. Now, you don’t have to worry about receiving fake feedback! BodyRub.INFO only allows clients who have paid and received your service to leave reviews. Plus, you are now also allowed to leave your client feedback as well. I love this system as it has given my body rub business a ton of real, authentic reviews from happy clients.

This site does allow you the opportunity to post for free. However, they do charge a 30% success fee for every deal you close on their site. They ONLY GET PAID WHEN YOU GET PAID. If you don’t get paid, they don’t get paid. They only allow you to be priced at $100 for your first 40 deals. After that you choose your own prices. One way is to say stuff like ” Order this gig twice, and get a one hour body rub” or “Order this gig 3 times and I’ll do an outcall ….” You get the idea. Be creative. Nobody likes to read the same ad over and over.

They don’t allow nude photos or lingerie photos so be advised and don’t try or your ad gets blocked.

You can also join their affiliate program. This is especially nice, if you have a website. And it’s a great way to make extra cash. They pay $2.50 for every FREE lead you get to join BodyRub.INFO. Your affiliate code is auto-generated after sign-up. Go To the “My Referrals” link at the top of the page to get your affiliate link. You also make 30% on EVERY body rub girl that you get to sign up! So, for example, if you produce 10 leads that join the site, you’ll get paid $25! I know for a fact that this works. They pay out on the first of every month.

Make sure you share your ad on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Pus for maximum exposure. It’s a very clean site, so you’ll never have to worry about who sees your ads.