Best 3 Places To Post Your Body Rubs, Massages, and Body Work Ads

Are you tired of posting on all the sites that keep ripping you off? Are you tired of getting promised all these great leads and monies and you just don’t get anywhere? maybe you’re simply tired of spending your good, hard-earned money with sites that just don’t seem to care. They just take your money, and don’t post up your ads for you.  Or they take your credit card information, and abuse it, just taking off $5 here and there, whenever and wherever they feel like it.

You see, as a body rub specialist of 12 years, I too was once in your shoes. Frustrated, angry, and didn’t know where to turn. So, I started researching it one day and found out I wasn’t the only one dealing with these problems every other day. I found a lot of people in similar situations. That’s when I decided to do the hard work for you and find out exactly which sites and publishing places, will treat you right as a business partner. Plus, if these don’t work for you, I will personally offer you a $5 ad credit back! That’s how confident I am that these will work for you and your massage, body rub, or body work business.

I’m only going to give you the best of what I know, because I want to make sure that it will work fast and effectively for you. So that’s why I’m giving you my top three choices. Now, we all know, about Backpage, and the little rip-offs they run, but let’s start thinking outside of the box – to sites that have risen and continue to rise in national popularity over the last two years.

My top choice for you is Body Rub USA. And I’m going to tell you exactly how to get the best deal out of this amazing company. For posting a massage ad in Anaheim, it’s pretty much the absolute best. Not to mention if you’re gonna get a body rub in Anaheim, you will want to check this site out for sure. Now, back to you advertisers, forget about having to pay $5 – $10 per ad every day and sometimes twice a day. They’ve made it really simple and easy to use. Plus, the price is unbeatable in the body rub world of ours. You can subscribe to their ad posting club for as low as $8  per month. That’s right. There is no catch. And you can take my word for it, because I tested it, and it works!

My second choice for you today, is BodyRub.INFO. This is a unique site for body rubs and massages, unlike any other I’ve seen yet. And again, it works. It’s 100% FREE to post body rubs in Anaheim. The only thing is that this is a complete online ordering system, where your clients pay you via PayPal, or credit card, so it’s secure. Once you and them both mark the order complete, all the site asks for is  30% success fee, so my suggestion to you is to price your services accordingly. For example, if you charge $20, add another $10 to cover the 30% success fee. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t and they treat you right there. You may also leave a review on your client and they may leave one on you, ONLY after the service is completed. So there you go, they’ve simply knocked out the crazy false reviews, since everyone has to pay and get the service before being able to leave one.

And I can’t lie, I love Craigslist for my 3rd choice. Recently, I’ve started going into other categories and that has been really successful for me. So use these at your leisure. Any questions, leave them for me in my comments and I will get back to you ASAP. Happy Posting!


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