Where To Post Your Massage and BodyRub Ads In America

Tired of all the rip off scam sites out there when you’re posting your bodyrub ads? Tired of your card getting abused when you authorize it once and they keep taking money off of it anyhow, over the next few months? Me too! that’s why I decided to share a few secrets with you about where to get your ads up without this happening.

At Body Rubs USA, when you post your body rub ad, your ad ALWAYS goes up, and never gets ghosted. If you pay, you pay and there is no question with them, that you’ll get the service that you paid for. I know this personally, because of my own experience with them. This is far from Backpage, where they will just take your money and never put it up.

They also have an affiliate program you can join and make money off of . If you refer your friend, and they buy an ad, you’ll get 30% of that sale, every single time. This doesn’t just apply to your friends either. You can put it on your own website and then for every hit you get to their website besides they will give you like 10 cents. Here is the statement listed on their affiliate program link:

As a Body Rub USA affiliate you will receive the following:
1. 30% on every ad sold.  (You Make $9.25 Per Ad)
2. 30% on every Top Ad Sold  (average $You Make $8.33 + Up to (18.50 per Ad)
3. 30% on every Home Page Gallery Ad sold (You Make $8.33 + Up to $18.50 Per ad)
4. $10 on every Body Rub USA Sponsored Body RUB.
5. $5 for every one of your new hires clients.
6. Plus, you’ll get 10% of any affiliates who sign up under you on your affiliate site.
7. You also receive a 5% residual every time a new customer orders a body rub from you through Body Rub USA. It comes every month for as long as you’re with our company.
   If you click on the link I’ve included, you’ll be able to see where to sign up for it. But anyhow, it’s well worth the time and effort. If every site did just that, I would just sign up to affiliate programs all day and have a stay at home job.

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