Top 3 Places To Advertise In The USA

Looking for the absolute best ways to advertise your ever expanding body rub or massage business? New to the world of body rubs and massages? Then this article is for you! It will re-shape new ideas for you and turn them into reality. facing difficulties in advertising is something we all go through, so don’t get discouraged. I’m about to share some great hints with you to boost your body rub business immensely. Forget about annoying sites that are just in it for your money. Get to the sites that are actually there to help you. The ones that WANT to see you succeed.

For starters, I’d like to talk a little about Body Rub USA. This is a site that specifically deals with body rub and massage advertising. It’s very affordable, and isn’t a rip off site. They actually respond to phone calls and emails. Not to mention, I have gotten a ton of business from this site. It’s a little cleaner than Backpage. And for that, I like it. The quality of the clientele is much higher than normal, and they aren’t lowballers trying to get you to give them a lower price than you tell them. They also have a great bodyrub affiliate program. If you’re new to the business, and have a new website, this is a great way to make some extra money. Personally, I think this is a great way to let your business work for you, while you’re doing a massage or body rub or not even working at all. It’s 100% automatic and I’ve included the link to where you can get  your payments and more.

Massage Pot is designed for massage therapists with training. However, you may also post body rubs, just make sure you state that in your ad and you’re good to go. This is  one of the cleanest sites that I’ve ever come across in the industry and I like it for the simple reason that your clients already know what to expect before coming over. They’re really very respectful.

BodyRub.INFO is one good site where you can take PayPal and credit cards. The payout is every two weeks. It’s a Fiverr style site, so it’s a little different in a good way.

Hope this helps.


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