Body Rubs and Massages


Just imagine the soft, soothing feel of healing hands gliding across your tensed up body from your long, stressful week at work. What a rush of relief runs over you as you just lay back and relax and treat yourself to a relaxing massage or body rub. I wondered, Why don’t we do this more often? Why stay stressed when we can get de-stressed so easily? I’m writing to you, because I know where to get the best body rubs and massages out there. I’ve traveled the world, and I know how difficult it can be to find someone who actually knows what they’re doing. It is much easier to say you know what you’re doing, when you really don’t. So, I figured this out for you guys.

Simply speaking, Body Rub USA is probably your best bet to get the best body rub specialist or massage therapist in your city and state, UK, or Canada. Plus when you sign up for the mutual massage exchange program which is only 14.95 per month, you’ll get guaranteed exchanges all month.  I personally believe everyone should get a massage or body rub once a week. Why? It creates a better aura for you, your outlook is a little brighter, and life is a little sweeter.

You may also want to try massage pot if you’re looking for the massage therapist that’s been to school, Almost 95% of the posters here are Liscensed Massage Therapists or CMT’s . i’ve found some great massueses through this site as well.

If you’re looking for providers with trusted body rub reviews, BodyRub.INFO is your source for that. If you scroll down under their listings, people leave reviews on the listings after they’ve been to see the providers.

Craigslist also works, I also check other sections like, community. Sometimes I’ve found the best body rubs in there.


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