Where To Post Your Body Rubs In Maine

Do you live in the quiet state of Maine and are at a loss of where to post your body rub ads that are sure to be worth your time, effort and money? I’ve been a body rub specialist for 10 years and have had a lot of experience with the headaches of where to post your ads. Everyone is tired of Backpage, or so it seems. The problem with posting on Backpage is that they will steal your money once they have your card number. This is the issue I have had – unauthorized ads going through, without my permission. Or they will take the ad that you put up, and take it down within 2 hours of you posting it, even though they say your ad stays up. And then you have to pay again the same day to post another one.

By far the best site that I have had success with is Body Rub USA. I have gotten anywhere from 10 – 20 calls a day from this site and the best part is that they leave your ad up when you post. A week is only $25 for top ad position, which is still a much better deal than backpage. To post just a regular ad is free. I would reccommend the top ad position, personally, because you get more hits to your ad and website than if you would just post a regular free ad. Plus, the quality of your clients from this site is much higher, much more professional than any other website. It’s awesome. Everyone should post here. They also have an affiliate program that they run, which means they will answer all your calls and set your appointments for you to eliminate the stress of no-shows and guys who call just to call and tie up your phone line so you lose business.

Then there is always Craigslist, which I like. It simply does not produce the leads I would like it to but all in all, I like the clietele that come from here. I get from 2 – 5 calls a day from here. It’s worth the 5 minutes it takes out of your day to post an ad in the beauty or creative services section.

Another method I recently tried and liked is buying a leads list from MyClientList.webs.com. They’re only like .60 per lead and all leads are paying clients so you know your not getting some worthless list. Plus, they’ll never re-sell that list to someone else. It is soley yours and your alone to do with as you wish. I reccommend starting with 50 leads. 20 is barely enough but with 50 I was well able to make 10,000 percent my money back and then some!

I hope you’ve found this article helpful. These are all great sites. Try them out.


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